The PEPP™ Method In Schools

Introduce the PEPP™ Method into your PSHE or Wellbeing sessions. Help your students to be equipped with positive thinking and be able to support your students with PEPP™ Inspiration.

Introduction to The PEPP™ Method

Understand the outline of The PEPP™ Method and create the start of your Positively PEPP™ inspired future.

PEPP™ Creation & Visualisation

Create your very own PEPP™ inspired with clear, distinctive, visualisation of your true desires for your future.

What else?

PEPP™ Inspired Motivational Talks

With an incredibly diverse background and an inspiring journey which motivates & empowers others, Jennifer speaks from the heart with positivity.

PEPP™ Talks

3 or more hours to PEPP™ inspire your desires? This will give you a 3 part programme with a workbook to help create your best possible outcome.

1-2-1 PEPP Inspired Coaching

Are you procrastinating, or do you need some direction? By having a PEPP™ Talk, you will be able to breakdown and rebuild your current situation and be able to clearly plan your next move.

Do you want to...

Meet the founder of The PEPP™ Method?

Meet the Clients?

Years Experience
PEPP™ Inspired Pupils


Female Success Network
Founders - Sarah Stone & Abigail Horne
Manchester High School For Girls
Trafford College
St Michael's School
Llandovery College

Helping You

Is it you, your school, team or business with the desire to improve positivity, empowerment, power and productivity with passion and confidence? Supporting, growing and instilling a positive mindset is Jennifer’s huge passion!

Whether you’re looking for yourself, an educational establishment or you’re part of a business or company, help is here.

  • Become Positive
  • Be Empowered and Empowering
  • Find your inner Power
  • Become incredibly Productive

The PEPP™ Method


Jennifer Barnfield’s accolades include;

One of the 2018 TOP 100 Business Women in Wales.

2018 Entrepreneur FINALIST in #pickyourself Small Business Entrepreneurs.
Number 1 bestselling co-author with ‘She Who Dares’ on Amazon in 9 categories and placed within the Top 100 PAID Kindle Books. 
…and is also an International Silver medalist and BritishWelshScottish and British Adult Champion Ice Dancer.
With an incredible winner’s attitude and mentality, she unlocks people’s true potential using a range of proven techniques.

Jennifer has 12 years of coaching a huge variety of clients, both on and off the ice, this covers a wide range of abilities, including a completely visually impaired young gentleman whom she taught to skate from scratch and follow the sound of her voice.

Having faced many challenges along life paths, including being homeless to juggling a full time on and off ice training programme and competing at National Ice Dance level with a 3-year old just starting school, domestic violence, many house moves and a close move to America to potentially pursue her skating career.

With herself having a huge I Can attitude, she very easily influences and strengthens the belief systems. Therefore helping you to become the best version of yourself.

Nothing can stop YOU unless YOU stop yourself.

A Positive Attitude Produces A Positive Aptitude - The PEPP™ Method - The PEPP™ Method
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